Poker tournament in memory of Nigel

Late Nigel McIntosh’s friends and family members spent the weekend lionizing what would have been his twenty-first birthday. Nigel’s mom, sister as well as close buddies Zoe Duke, Trent Duncan, Kandis Newman and Blossom Pitt arranged a 21st birthday party at Post Office Hotel earlier on Friday evening.

Nigel was really a local celebrity, who after years lost his fight with cancer last year. , Ida Davison, Nigel’s sister, stated that the night was really a great success. Now they are planning to make it a yearly event. She told that the PO was packed. There was a slideshow running all night and DJ James Smith donated his services for the night. His friends and family had a wonderful night and it was a night Nigel would have absolutely loved.

His sister Ida thanked PO owner Carol Negline for being supportive of the night. She added that Caron was really great and she was very very happy to let them arrange Nigel’s 21st birthday there. They were also a huge help when they were fund-raising for Nigel.

Carol Negline stated that Kylie Benge contacted her around a month back and stated during NAIDOC Week celebrations they were not been able to arrange the poker event, so she asked if they could arrange it on Nigel’s birthday weekend.
Nigel loved the game of poker. Every week, he used to play with Don Lane and the Services Poker Club. Their friends and family thanked everyone. It was really a great day in memory of Nigel.