Poker Sports League In India

In countries like India poker is traditionally looked down upon as it is felt that it is akin to gambling which largely depends on luck and chance and less on skills.

Gambling in general might be considered simply betting money on games that have outcomes decided upon by chance rather than the skill of the players. However, there are games like poker that also revolve around the use of skills as well as chance or luck. Over time poker games are also being considered as a category of sport whose tournaments are held across the world.

This is how poker games are now looked at as this family of card based games proves to the world. Players do play with money, but the outcomes depend on certain combinations of cards and how they play their hands. There are several poker variations out of which the most popular game is Texas Hold’em.

There are other prominent games like 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Omaha among many. It is easy to pick up the rules of the different poker games as there are several online tutorials that explain as well as showcase virtual game sessions.

The poker scene in India is set to change as the first tournament in the game is being hosted for the first time in this country. The Poker Sports League is what the tournament is called and is being principally held by Amit Burman who is vice chairman of Dabur. The tournament will begin in the month of February. There has been site formed, but the schedule for the games and how to qualify for the events have not been released on the site as yet. However, players have already applied for the different events and some pokers teams have already been bought by business people in the country.