Overview Of Global Poker Tournament

The tournament fever at Global Poker has never been as hot as there are several opportunities for players now as they involve themselves daily. During the tournament week, there will be low-cost dailies along with Tuesday night and Thursday night providing big tournaments at a cost worth SC$110. The Tuesday Tussle as well as the Thursday Throttle will begin at 9 pm. There would be guaranteed prize pools worth SC$7, 500. Well, the tournaments would be deep stacks and Thursday’s tournament will have a turbo. If you think SC$110 is steeper, you can glance through other satellites that are taking place at Global Poker.

As far as the Sunday Scrimmage Special is concerned, there is a great hype that is mostly likely to commence on 2nd of September. The Sunday Scrimmage guarantee would be doubled and the price would be SC$100, 000. As far as the buy-in is concerned, it would be at SC$218 and besides, there would be endless chances to avoid the same for cheaper cost starting from now.

The qualifiers in the 1st round satellite would achieve SC $3.30 which would be spread all through the week. If you want to avail a good chance to grab a seat, you will be amazed to know that there are 2 Sunday Scrimmage Mega Satellites on 26th August and both turbos SC$33 and the first one would be at 3 50 pm ET with a guarantee of 20 seats and the other one will be at 6 20 pm ET with a guarantee of 15 players. There are less than two weeks left for the SC$100 K event and it’s time to get qualified for a seat. It would be an interesting game to watch and also the guaranteed event will surely be a successful one. There is no wonder that Global Poker is now the most talked about tournaments.

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