Gem in the Poker Circuit

Juan Carlos Mortensen is a gem in the present poker world. He has achieved a great fame in the field of poker, with the help of various employing tactics, which he used to serve in the past.

Carlo’s birthplace is Ambato, Ecuador. He realized and wished that he can play poker as a professional and with pure fluke as well, in his later phase of life. With the very short passage of time Carlo became one of the most successful and professional poker players, and he has continued till now.

Later on, with all his family members he moved to Spain and started working as a bartending there. One day after his shift he sat down on the table for a play. He was a chess player; so he immediately captured both his mind and attention towards game of poker. He was not bother about his first losing amount of $100 in his very first game. He continued playing poker and surprisingly turned out good at play. With the passage of time Carlo shifted to the US, after developing skill of bluffing and he is even famed for loosing play and also for stacking over the unusual chip, he entertains his fan through the stacking tactics all over the world. He was defeating each player who challenged him at the tournaments of local Madrid; and was always looking towards a new challenge.

Carlo won $1,500,000 at the WSOP Main Event in the year 2001; this was his biggest winning achievement. He even won $1,000,000 at the WPT Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship in the year 2004. None of the other poker player has won the title of WSOP Main Event and WPT Championship as well. He found himself in the world of poker despite of that he does not speak English, but his play did everything for him. Carlo has merely earned around $8 million throughout his career graph, from several poker tournaments.