Chris Moneymaker And His Story

Chris Moneymaker has a legendary story to showcase.

Being an amateur player in poker from Tennessee and an accountant by profession, the way he made his way into the 2003 main event of the World Series of Poker, took on some of the best professionals in the game and acquired the world title, it definitely made his story inspirational for many.

The story of Chris definitely helped to bring about a boom in the game of poker and drew in a large number of people to the game. Chris states that he himself did not understand the immense significance of his achievement till after some time. He had gone back to his work and later on he realized that he could make enough money out of his achievement that would take him through retirement as well.

He states that the realization hit him when he saw the airing of his success story on TV. It helped him to understand that it was no fad that he had indulged in and that he was a driving factor in the game. He had entered into an agreement of sponsorship with PokerStars after his win, which was albeit a small one. However, at that time neither party was aware of the immense significance of the event. Only about a year later did he realize that he could make significant money out of the same.

Till then, he had not taken poker seriously as a profession as he considered it more as a hobby. The turning point came when his boss told him to quit as he had more important things to do. He alludes to the fact that his boss inspired him to become an ambassador of the game rather than grind into the game full time. Even today he plays only when he feels like and not because he has to.