An Overview On The WPT India – Season 2

It’s a known truth that India loves poker and as a result, there are leagues and tournaments taking place every now and then. The game has become popular worldwide, especially in India in the last few years. Poker fandom is not just about playing poker anymore as it’s more to do with elevating it to the status of mind sports. There is no doubt that the largest global brands in Poker are coming back to the country for the second time this year. The World Poker Tournament is what we are talking about. After receiving a great response last year the WPT India is all geared up to come back again in November. The WPT organized its first tournament in India towards the end of last year.

The World Poker Tournament this time has included 2 new stops in the upcoming series in the Asia Pacific region. The new stops are WPT India and WPT Vietnam this time. The Vietnamese series will begin from 26th September until 4th October 2018. The event will take place in Ho Chi Minh City at the Pro Poker Club. The WPT India will be hosted from 13th and 19th November 2018 in Goa at the Deltin Royale Casino.

Mohit Agarwal the CEO and founder of said he is quite excited to organize the 2nd season of WPT in one of the largest casinos in India, which is the Deltin Royale in Goa. Considering the huge population of India, Poker is growing in demand and popularity day by day. There is no better fit than the WPT India for the Indian Poker Community. The main event of the series would take place for three days. The series will have popular WPT Superstack, India High Roller, Shootout and Bounty events. All in all, it would be an exciting atmosphere for both participants and the management.

Daniel Negreanu Says Phil Hellmuth Has ‘Disrespect For This Generation’ Of Poker Pros

Poker Hall of Fame players Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth had recently finished competing at the 2017 Poker Masters, where both of them were able to make it to the final tables in the high roller series.

However, their verbal exchanges off the fallen were comparably the most combative.

The small, elite fields have brought back the age-old question on the poker circuit: Who is the best in the world in no-limit hold’em tournaments? Phil Hellmuth, winner of the 14 World Series of Poker bracelets, insists that he is by far the best that the game has in his generation.

Negreanu is at the top when it comes to the all-time tournament money list with $33.2 million, while Hellmuth sits at no. 8 with $21.4 million. The phenomenally talented German born player Fedor Holz blew by Phil Hellmuth in a short span of just a few years time, winning $23.9 million since early 2013.

A lot of very well deserved attention in recent years has been given to a slew of top players that have emerged from Germany. No wonder then that Germany is being considered the superpower in live poker tournaments.

Negreanu took issue with Hellmuth saying some of his peers in the events were nowhere near his level. “Your disrespect for this generation only hurts your own growth,” Negreanu said at one point on Tuesday. He said Hellmuth should come forward to properly challenge instead of mouthing off profanities, but so far the “Poker Brat” as he was called, has not given any indication to show that he is a willing to take part in an official or formal match up against any players much less the best young players that the game has managed to attract.

$10,000 Six-Max No-Limit Hold’em Won By Yurasov

The poker pro from Russia Pro Dmitry Yurasov found success in the live tournaments of the game in Asia and Europe.

So far from poker, he had earned more than $1.2 million, but when he came to 2017 World Series of Poker (WSOP), he has no money. His fate changed when he entered in ‘$10,000 six-max no-limit hold’em’ championship of the WSOP. The field of the championship comprised of 332 players. Yurasov participated in the event, lasted the field of 332 players, reached to the final table and finished first.

Winning the championship, Yurasov got his first bracelet of gold bracelet at WSOP final table. And the prize amount of $775,923. With this earning, the total live earnings of the player went to more than $2 million. Continue reading $10,000 Six-Max No-Limit Hold’em Won By Yurasov

Player David Williams Lost ‘MasterChef’

David Williams is a bracelet winner of the World Series of Poker.

In addition to playing poker, Williams has another passion and this is not for any other game. But, the passion is for cooking. And the same brought him to the Master Chef season seven. With his amazing cooking style, Williams made in the final three. However, here is missed out. He was out of the show that was aired on Wednesday. He not only left the show, but also lost the chance of winning the prize amount of $250,000 a cookbook deal.

Williams was in competition with Brandi Mudd the Kentucky school teacher and DJ Shaun O’Neale from Las Vegas. And he lost the game in the final round.

The show had 20 contestants and started in the spring season. Williams was a consistent performer in the show and many times got appreciations from the judges. On the final day of the competition, for appetizer Williams prepared the cured salmon, the dish worked well. The other course that he prepared for the final day was main guinea hen the dish didn’t work well and Williams lost the competition.

The dish was considered risky compared to his competitors’ choices of duck and venison.

The problem with Williams dish was that the meat of guinea hen he used remained undercooked and that became the point of criticism from the judges. After that he got the chances of cooking the final dish that is dessert.

Here the player decided to prepare stuffed cherries. The dish was a success but, it wasn’t enough to overshadow his short stack. On the other hand, contestant O’Neale prepared tart for the dessert, and declared as the winner.

Williams praised the work of O’Neale and said he was the best and the judges selected the best as the winner.

Poker Sports League In India

In countries like India poker is traditionally looked down upon as it is felt that it is akin to gambling which largely depends on luck and chance and less on skills.

Gambling in general might be considered simply betting money on games that have outcomes decided upon by chance rather than the skill of the players. However, there are games like poker that also revolve around the use of skills as well as chance or luck. Over time poker games are also being considered as a category of sport whose tournaments are held across the world.

This is how poker games are now looked at as this family of card based games proves to the world. Players do play with money, but the outcomes depend on certain combinations of cards and how they play their hands. There are several poker variations out of which the most popular game is Texas Hold’em.

There are other prominent games like 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Omaha among many. It is easy to pick up the rules of the different poker games as there are several online tutorials that explain as well as showcase virtual game sessions.

The poker scene in India is set to change as the first tournament in the game is being hosted for the first time in this country. The Poker Sports League is what the tournament is called and is being principally held by Amit Burman who is vice chairman of Dabur. The tournament will begin in the month of February. There has been site formed, but the schedule for the games and how to qualify for the events have not been released on the site as yet. However, players have already applied for the different events and some pokers teams have already been bought by business people in the country.

New Tournament Beat The Clock

Beat the Clock is a tournament that PokerStars has launched and it promises to be a fast paced game for the players.

Being the largest poker room community in the world, one can rely on PokerStars to launch innovative games that entice and intrigue the players. The new game that is unleashed is in the Sit and Go category. The game is being featured prominently this season and it is easily found as a tab in the bar on the main menu of the site. The game can be bought at $1 as well as at $3. The buy in levels has players who can receive five thousand in opening chips. The game can last for five minutes. It was started off for the Russian market initially, which featured games worth one dollar each. The weekend games are worth three dollars which have been added to UK and EU domains as well.

Indeed, with PokerStars having a worldwide presence as well as country specific domains, the tournament has certain common features in certain domains while in certain cases the features are limited or different. The game starts when 48 players have registered. There is a stopwatch set that stops at five minutes with sound effects. Blinds are set at 200/400 with 80 antes and this increase at every minute. The final level is at 500/1000 that has an ante of 200. The game is a fast paced one as the blinds increase quickly as well as has a duration of five minutes. The game is also in the format of Zoom Poker that can have four players maximum at the virtual tables. The players who survive the five minutes get a share of the prize pool. This is also based on the chip counts that remain with them at the end of the game.

Chris Moneymaker And His Story

Chris Moneymaker has a legendary story to showcase.

Being an amateur player in poker from Tennessee and an accountant by profession, the way he made his way into the 2003 main event of the World Series of Poker, took on some of the best professionals in the game and acquired the world title, it definitely made his story inspirational for many.

The story of Chris definitely helped to bring about a boom in the game of poker and drew in a large number of people to the game. Chris states that he himself did not understand the immense significance of his achievement till after some time. He had gone back to his work and later on he realized that he could make enough money out of his achievement that would take him through retirement as well.

He states that the realization hit him when he saw the airing of his success story on TV. It helped him to understand that it was no fad that he had indulged in and that he was a driving factor in the game. He had entered into an agreement of sponsorship with PokerStars after his win, which was albeit a small one. However, at that time neither party was aware of the immense significance of the event. Only about a year later did he realize that he could make significant money out of the same.

Till then, he had not taken poker seriously as a profession as he considered it more as a hobby. The turning point came when his boss told him to quit as he had more important things to do. He alludes to the fact that his boss inspired him to become an ambassador of the game rather than grind into the game full time. Even today he plays only when he feels like and not because he has to.

Mohegan Sun gets South Korean casino permission

On Friday, a plan for a US$ 5 billion casino building complex in South Korea won an approval from United States based casino operator Mohegan Sun.

As per a new report, this win is great news for the tribe that runs a casino in Connecticut, as in the last few years it failed to win licenses in Pennsylvania and New York.

The Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority said almost a year ago that it was battling for 1 of 3 South Korean casino licenses. Around three dozen groups finally indicated their interest, even though just a handful of people who ended up officially applying to a license.

The tribe collabotared with a South Korean building supplies firm as well as the Incheon International Airport Corp., who also owns the casino site. The 1st phase of the casino, called “Project Inspire,” would come at a price tag of US$ 1.6 billion and must be open by the year 2020. The whole plan is to end the complex by the year 2040.

A bill on the table which would let Rhode Island voters to determine whether a brand new casino could be made in the town of Tiverton is actuating through legislature. As per a new report from Associated Press, the House of Representatives of Rhode Island voted 96-4 earlier Wednesday in favor of referendum. Still, the bill was making progress in Senate.

The property would come from the Twin River Management Group that operates the Newport Grand slots parlor. The brand new Las Vegas-type casino would put back Newport Grand, said the new report.

Poker tournament in memory of Nigel

Late Nigel McIntosh’s friends and family members spent the weekend lionizing what would have been his twenty-first birthday. Nigel’s mom, sister as well as close buddies Zoe Duke, Trent Duncan, Kandis Newman and Blossom Pitt arranged a 21st birthday party at Post Office Hotel earlier on Friday evening.

Nigel was really a local celebrity, who after years lost his fight with cancer last year. , Ida Davison, Nigel’s sister, stated that the night was really a great success. Now they are planning to make it a yearly event. She told that the PO was packed. There was a slideshow running all night and DJ James Smith donated his services for the night. His friends and family had a wonderful night and it was a night Nigel would have absolutely loved.

His sister Ida thanked PO owner Carol Negline for being supportive of the night. She added that Caron was really great and she was very very happy to let them arrange Nigel’s 21st birthday there. They were also a huge help when they were fund-raising for Nigel.

Carol Negline stated that Kylie Benge contacted her around a month back and stated during NAIDOC Week celebrations they were not been able to arrange the poker event, so she asked if they could arrange it on Nigel’s birthday weekend.
Nigel loved the game of poker. Every week, he used to play with Don Lane and the Services Poker Club. Their friends and family thanked everyone. It was really a great day in memory of Nigel.

Highlight Of The Poker Games Of The Ireland & UK

This week has not been excited for poker in not only the United Kingdom but also Ireland as its organizers start their arrangement for the forthcoming World Series of Poker (WSOP) which has been scheduled to do in Las Vegas.

The arrangement has been made focusing on offering as many online poker competitions as could reasonably be done, as well as, making the PokerStars Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) thrilling, there has been a lot of chance to carry out only that.

The week commenced with the news of Andrew “UlDuffer” Sweeney belonging to Ireland and grabbing a profession’s best score which is more than $175,000. Sweeney continued the late pattern of players belonging to not only the UK & the Ireland exceeding expectations in the PokerStars Sunday Million with the help of exploring his means to a runner-up completion in the SCOOP uncommon version of the greatest week by week competition of Ireland.

However, Sweeney was not the single player who succeeded to gain huge on that Sunday, and the enormous scores continued advancing during the time with Billy “b8chatz” Chattaway bolting up a SCOOP title on winning the $1,050 buy-in playing No Limit Hold’em which is bound for a cool $111,132.

Chattaway is one name among other British players who are thinking to go the Nevada desert in the advancing weeks and is unquestionably one to look as he is such a player that has played some huge scores this year.

The legend of this week is the Chris “Moorman1” Moorman who moved back to the highest point of the online poker rankings of UK taking after a string of brilliant results. Moorman succeeded to gain a record 25th Triple Crown title of ahead of gaining success in the PokerStars Sunday 500 along with two other high bet competitions at PokerStars. It is thought he is a strong wager to gain a bracelet this summer in Las Vegas.